SACA Pottery Workshops

Have you ever wondered what makes a good workshop or even a good workshops coordinator? I know I did, especially when I was drafted to organized workshops for SACA . I always know what subjects I want to see and have traveled to attend workshops on focuses that I enjoy.

Gruene Historic District | New Braunfels, TX

Because I needed to know the answers to these questions I attended the Texas Clay Festival. For those that don't know the Texas Clay Festival is an annual event in the Gruene Historic District of New Braunfels, Texas that has 60 clay artists that are ceramic educators who spend the weekend educating the public and other clay enthusiasts on their particular art form. Four large tents are spread throughout the area and there are 35 different demonstrations during the weekend. You can go wild trying to see the ones you really want to see but you can realistically experience about 5 or 6 a day. You can hit overload easily.

By attending this festival I learned a tremendous amount about subjects I may not want to do but seem interesting. I learned that it is important to not only have an interesting subject but it is good to be entertained while you are learning.

In order to maintain quality presenters it is important to have enough attendees to the workshop to pay for the experience. That is why I have initiated the early bird registration. This will hopefully entice everyone who is interested in the subject to sign up early, thereby guarantying that the workshop will be held. If you wait to the last minute you might miss out because it was canceled or full.

SACA Workshop Cancellation/Refund Policy

SACA conducts workshops for the professional and artistic benefit of members, keeping costs to participants to a minimum. The scheduling of workshops requires that SACA make financial commitments in advance to secure presenting artists and facilities. Registration for workshops will be confirmed upon receipt of payment which is due within 10 business days from the date participant registers or when checks are requested.