John Britt

I am a potter, educator and author whose
specialty is ceramic glazes and glazing.
Black and Brown Oil Spot Porcelain Bowl
Black and Brown Oil Spot Porcelain Bowl

I am a studio potter in Bakersville, North Carolina who has been a potter and teacher for over 30 years. I live in the mountains of western North Carolina although I grew up in Dayton, Ohio. I am primarily a self-taught potter who has worked and taught extensively, both nationally and internationally, at universities, colleges and craft centers. I also worked at the Penland School of Crafts, where I served as the Clay Coordinator and then, as the Studio's Manager. I am most well known for my glaze techniques and recipes. I am the author of multiple books that teach how to use these glaze techniques and recipes at home for potters to be able to make their own beautiful pottery creations. I also make and sell pottery using the techniques that I teach. Each of these techniques produces a beautifully unique piece of pottery that ensures that no two pieces are exactly the same.

Date and Time
Overview of: Spotted Glaze Workshop Cone 5 Electric

This workshop will be hands on exploration of cone 5 spotted glazes, which resemble Oil Spots. We will bring bisque fired pieces and glaze them on Friday; fire on Saturday and take them out on Sunday. The glazes involve bubbling of stains through a cover coat. Black and white is the main glaze but we will also test some yellow, red and other stains to see if they spot (i.e. give off gas at cone 5).

Each person will be allotted a 12” x 12” kiln shelf 5” tall. We have to limit the volume depending on attendance as we have limited kiln space. So tea bowls, cups and small things are advised.

On Saturday we will discuss all things glaze related - kilns, firing, types of glazes and this would be directed by participant’s questions. There will be a demonstration of thrown and altered work if time allows.

Sunday we unload the kiln.

This workshop is designed for all levels.

The address of the studio will be given when you register but it is located in NW Tucson north of Oro Valley.

These are examples of Cone 5 spotted glazes. John will bring samples and pots to sell.

Hurry, only 2 spaces left for the full 3 days, 0 spaces left for 1 day

To register go to:

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