Mark Epstein Handbuilding Workshop

Soft Slab Construction and Extruded Forms
August 4th – 5th, 2018

Have you ever wanted to build something tall (over a foot tall), but all you are able to handle is something short. This class is for you.

Mark Epstein is a hand builder that makes tall pots easily and quickly. Not only will he make tall pots from a single slab, but he will also show us how to make pots from an extruded hollow form and then won't necessarily form a straight cylinder. Watching him keeps me spellbound because if you look away for a moment the pot is formed and you wonder how he did it.

Mark gets bored easily. That is why he loves playing in clay because to him that is exactly what he is doing — playing. He is in a constant search for the balance we need to live these lives. Playing in clay afford him the freedom to express his feelings, emotions, and ideas in a way that no other material will allow. He has been playing in clay for over 35 years and has not grown tired of the quest. Clay is a great imitator. It allows him to mimic surfaces that you are exposed to every day. That is why he works with soft textured slabs of clay. It allows him to exploit the plasticity so inherent to the material. He enjoys the play between the textures and the rich colors in the layering of the high fire glazes. Combining the layering of glazes with the textures helps create a depth of surface in the finished piece.

Mark works in groups of series of pieces. This allows him the opportunity to work through variations in proportion and focus on dynamics of form. Each series of work is the research for the next body of work. He finds his works to be a quiet reflection of inner self. It is a reminder that the work reflects his mental evolution, displaying the environments mixed with the humor and excitement we crave.

Mark has earned two Masters Degrees from the University of Dallas, Dallas. He presents workshops nationally.

The Lew Sorenson Pottery Lab
2300 N Tanque Verde Loop Rd
Tucson, Arizona 85749

Variety of Mark's Pots

6-sided Teapot (from class) )
Building a Box (from class)
Making a Tray (from class)
Pictures From Around the Classroom
Teapot Shaped Like an Old Tree Limb from an Extruded Cylinder (from class)
Making a Vase from a Tall Cylinder (from class)
Making a Lamp from a Tall Cylinder (from class)

Finished Pots Done & Drying