Silk Screen Printing of Designs on Pottery

How to make your own Screen so you can Print on Clay
Sunday October 14, 2018   10am to 4pm

You may have seen the Mayco Silkscreens. We will make our own! Come to Ramada 3 at Rillito Park (4502 North 1st Avenue) and play with different screens on clay and after you play for a while you will make your own.

Have you ever wanted to write a word on a clay piece but your handwriting was not up to par. Using stencils and lining up the letters was a bother. Drawing the same picture time after time was a bother and gave you a different picture each time. Something as simple as WELCOME was a failure for me.

Now you can use your computer to print whatever you want. A simple line drawing in black and white or text can be duplicated exactly time after time. All you need to add is sunshine, an inexpensive screen, some underglaze and a leather hard or even dry piece of clay. You can even print on a rounded item or print around an edge.

Pictures from the Workshop